Ten reasons not to give up wine in January

1. January is a tough month – for a lot of us, it’s grey, boring and we’re skint. Wine is a little pleasure at a time when others are scarce.

2. Wine bargains abound at this time of year – for example, Bollinger on offer at Majestic

3. You can drink the rest of your Christmas wines: after all, it’s the season of leftovers. Don’t finish the liqueurs though, it will just add to your malaise.

4. It’s freezing outside, and it calls for a big plummy red like this bargain Californian Blackburn & James Shiraz from Waitrose.

5. Celebrate every January sale bargain with something sparkling!

6. It takes longer than a month for your liver to regenerate anyway.

7. Lower calorie and carb wine options for those of you dieting are those wines with lower residual sugars, so basically dry whites like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. Technically, Pinot Grigio falls into this category too – but if you’re not on the wagon, drink something nicer.

8. It’s summer in the New World – get excited about new 2013 releases coming this spring by sampling a few of your old favourites.

9. You can catch up with the friends that you didn’t manage to see before Christmas over a bottle of wine.

10. Were the previous nine reasons not convincing enough? If you’re still determined, the charity Alcohol Concern, which does great work tackling problem drinking and alcohol dependency, is seeking fundraisers to do a sponsered Dry January – you have my full support (from the sidelines!)

Happy 2013 to all of you, and thanks for reading -


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