Believing everything you read – impartiality in wine writing

The wine market is huge and full of choice for wine consumers. It’s hard for smaller wineries to achieve cut-through and perversely, sometimes it’s hard for consumers to know what they are getting, because of the role played by marketing, labelling and… wine reviewers. Some of you may know that I am on Twitter and among some really great wine conversations, I also get quite a lot of approaches from wineries and wine PRs trying to get “airtime” for their particular wines or causes.

For me, this is one of the major problems with wine reviewing and writing – that because wine is a product, as well as a passion for me and thousands of other wine geeks, there is a lot of vested and commercial interest in recommendations.

Not to diss the people who make their living from wine writing, because many of them are awesome and have your best interests as a customer at heart too, but one of the reasons I started the blog is that I don’t want to be one of them, and love the pure “people power” of reaching people through blogging. So, let’s be really clear – I don’t sell ad space on the blog, and I don’t accept freebies, or free trips, or dinners or bottles on the house. If any of this changes, I’ll make sure I tell you!

My day job isn’t in the wine trade, although LondonWineHusband does work in a wine shop, and I am jealous of his employee discount. If I review something, it’s because I’ve bought it as a consumer or visited a place as an enthusiastic eater/drinker, and I genuinely think (or don’t think) it’s good value for money and worth drinking. LWG is a labour of boozy love. So if you hate something I recommended, at least you know that you should blame me, not the winery’s PR people!

Thanks for reading –


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